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Give Back on Black Friday

Gifting season is just around the corner, and with it, Black Friday—a day of unparalleled shopping extravaganzas and unbeatable discounts. It's that one day when we all turn into bargain-hunting, deal-sniffing warriors, ready to conquer the shopping scene.

Black Friday is extremely hard on retail workers, with prolonged work hours and high pressure. The crazy discounts also fuel a culture of overconsumption, with an increase in items being thrown away, causing huge environmental challenges. The confluence of heightened stress for workers and the environmental repercussions underscores the negative impact associated with the retail phenomenon.

This year, we're flipping the script and giving Black Friday a makeover—introducing our very own "Give Back Friday." Yep, you heard it right. Instead of getting lost in the chaos of sales and impulse buys, we're dialling it back and bringing the focus to something that really matters!

This Give Back Friday, we're shaking things up by donating makeup products to those who could benefit from the power of makeup! Forget the rush for the latest gadgets—we're all about spreading good vibes and making a real impact.

Makeup allows for creative self-expression, boosts confidence, and serves as a form of self-care. We believe anyone should have access to it!

For this very first Give Back Friday, we have decided to partner with the Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks is a charity that we personally believe is doing a lot of good for the community. They know that access to basic hygiene and beauty items is a right, not a luxury, and work towards ending hygiene poverty by giving out aid to people who need it. Beauty Banks accept donations of most kinds of toiletries and cosmetics. Find the list of accepted products through this link here.



Beauty Banks work with existing food banks, shelters, NHS trusts, and other charities to get these donations into the hands of people who need them most. Their work allows for hygiene and self-care products to be more accessible, with the goal to "help everybody feel like a somebody" 



How you can help

You too can join in the Give Back Friday movement! This Black Friday, for any Liquid Confidence Mascara purchased, one is donated to Beauty Banks!

Large visual of the Liquid Confidence mascara being held open by two hands on a light purple background. A text reads "Liquid Confidence Mascara. Easy-to-grip wand and ultra-black formula for the ultimate perfect lashes".

We believe that everyone deserves a bit of love and self-care, and with your support, we're making it happen, one mascara at a time!

Join us in this movement to empower others and share the true power of beauty.

An image of the Liquid Confidence Mascara open, with a hand holding the wand. Below the hand is "Buy 1/ Donate 1" "Liquid Confidence Mascara"

About the Liquid Confidence Mascara

Our Liquid Confidence mascara has a creamy, easy-to-build, ultra-black formula, for super-long lashes. With our vegan and cruelty-free formula, it is gentle on the eyes and safe for sensitive skin



To improve its accessibility, we have designed the tube to be matte and square, making it easier to grip, open, and use! And it doesn’t roll away on flat surfaces.



It is seriously the only mascara you’ll ever need! The multidirectional wand allows you to apply mascara horizontally or vertically, for long lashes in any situation!

Extra Discounts

We wanted to keep the discounts rolling this Give Back Friday, so we are also offering a 40% discount when you purchase one of our Makeup Therapy Palettes and use the discount code GIVEBACK40.



The Makeup Therapy Palette is a great self-care gift for yourself or one of your loved ones. It’s 16 different pans of fun vibrant colours that blend gorgeously into one another.

For more details on our palette, feel free to check out our blog post on it here.

But if you're stuck between choosing the mascara or the palette, don't worry you can buy both in our Art Therapy Bundle! Using the discount code GIVEBACK30 gives you 30% off the whole bundle. You can find the Art Therapy Bundle through this link here.

This Give Back Friday, join the cause and help everyone enjoy the power of makeup. And get a good deal doing it! Together we can spark a little bit of enjoyment in someone else’s life.

Hopefully, events like ours will inspire other brands to get involved with similar causes so we can all help to make makeup a little more accessible and end hygiene poverty on a global scale.

If you’re interested in the sale, buy our products here! And remember to use code GIVEBACK20 at checkout for 20% off our Liquid Confidence Mascara.