Our Story


Our Story

Growing up with a rare condition called cystinosis which affects only 3,000 people worldwide,  i lacked confidence but discovered the power of makeup and its effect on my confidence and sense of self.

However, i never felt i could find a brand that truly represented myself and the people around me. i got frustrated being bombarded by the idealisation of perfection through brands and social media…

So, i created my own. 


HUMAN BEAUTY is the world’s first TRULY inclusive beauty brand.

Disabled people make up 15% of the world's population yet are the least represented in the industry. We champion disability friendly make up and feature genuine representation in all of our campaigns. We recognise real beauty in all its forms and put these at the centre of our brand identity whilst our products evolve from our founder’s real, lived, human experience.

The real, lived, human experience is what gives us our uniqueness, quirks and all. Which is why we believe that Perfect is Boring… Human is Beautiful.


Our founder’s innovative design has attracted awards, titles and interest from the likes of Superdrug Faces of the Future, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, and being asked to take part in Mindset Matters campaign. From lived experience, Human Beauty knows too well how makeup can be a therapeutic outlet. Warpaint for men founder, Danny Gray, pioneered discussions surrounding mental health and the importance of make up through recovery. Danny Gray, who appeared on Dragon’s Den, went on to mentor our founder, Millie. With this mentorship, Human Beauty has become a truly inclusive start-up which people are taking notice of. 


As a disabled owned make up brand, we know the frustrations of not being heard or seen by the media. Whilst beauty brands preach inclusivity, the trend is often tokenistic and non-genuine with pseudo statements of inclusivity which exclude the disabled community.

Human Beauty considers each product holistically, the same way we view our customers. That means both product and packaging must be high quality and easily accessible. 

Packaging difficulties are cited as the biggest issue people with disabilities face. Human Beauty has taken the responsibility to create innovative tactil packaging and incorporate explanatory video descriptions into our designs to help users get the most out of our products.

Our innovative products have been tested by people with and without a range of disabilities. They found that Human Beauty products make it easy to independently apply mascara and eyeshadow, without compromising on quality and style. 


It is our mission to make cosmetics accessible to all, to show that it’s OK to be different and that our quirks are what make us unique: Spreading the message that "Perfect is boring... Human is beautiful."