The Makeup Therapy palette on a light yellow background

What makes our Makeup Therapy Palette Accessible?

Experimenting with makeup should be a luxury that everyone enjoys. However, there can be limitations to some products that can make it harder for people to participate in accessible beauty. We know that it is everyone's right to be able to create with makeup. So we have our own accessible makeup line.

Our Makeup Therapy Palette is here to invite more people to enjoy adaptive makeup.

It's accessible, specifically to those with sensitive eyes and visual impairments. It's vegan - paraben, sulphate and phthalate free. It looks like an adult colouring book with a magnetised cover for easy access. Finally, it includes a QR code on the back of the palette to give you an introduction to palette's shades.

Description of shades

The Makeup Therapy palette allows you to experience your own slice of therapy whilst doing your makeup. Our eyeshadow palette holds an array of colours, making it perfect for creating any eye look you desire.

From natural everyday looks to artistic and bold statement eyes, this accessible eyeshadow palette has you covered. It is for everyone to be a makeup artist! We encourage you to try each shade to see what goes with your aesthetic and skin tone.

Our formula is easy to build and blend. You can layer each shade to create a brighter and more intense look. The makeup palette holds 16 different shades in small circle pans. It includes 12 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades.

Below is a short description of all the shades.

  • Artistry: Pure white matte
  • Therapy: Dusty beige matte
  • Creativity: Light warm brown matte
  • Armour: Burnt orange matte base with subtle glitter flecks
  • Human: Dark reddish brown matte
  • Beauty: Cool toned dark chocolate brown matte                     
  • Proud: Dusty mauve purple matte
  • Challenge: Jet black matte
  • Individuality: True purple (matte base with subtle glitter flecks)
  • Courage: Bright golden yellow matte
  • Confidence: Mid-toned Magenta pink matt
  • Empower: Dark Ocean blue matte
  • Inspire: Bright white silver shimmer
  • Expression: True Yellow gold shimmer
  • Community: Baby pink shimmer
  • Identity: Deep blue-green shimmer
    Human Beauty's Makeup Therapy Palette: A dark green, white wire bound book with one page containing the 16 shades (4x4) which are described above, from left to right

    QR link to the makeup palette's audio description:

    With an intense colour payoff, you can easily apply each shade to the eye. The creamy nature of the makeup palette allows you to apply your eyeshadow with minimal fallout. This gives you great eye looks with zero irritation to the eyes.

    Sensitive eyes

    Allergies, environmental irritants and harsh makeup can all cause sensitive eyes. Symptoms include redness, dry eye, itching, and watering eyes and will often disrupt your makeup routine. Our Makeup Therapy Palette includes ingredients that are gentle on sensitive eyes. 

    Fragrances, parabens, sulphates and phthalates are not in our vegan formula. We make sure that our shades are safe for sensitive skin, so you enjoy wearing makeup without compromising your comfort. No more eye pain!

    Accessible makeup takes into consideration medical and health conditions. Our products should not worsen existing eye conditions as we take great care to make sure our ingredients are safe.

    Makeup Therapy, our accessible eyeshadow palette lets you create gorgeous looks while taking care of your sensitive eyes.

    Adapting for visual impairments

    Accessible beauty is our goal. We want to make sure our eyeshadow palette is usable for all of our customers. Therefore, one of our proudest features is the inclusion of our QR code on the back of the makeup palette cover.

    A woman with gold eye makeup, with a clear star located on the outer edge of her eye. She has Human Beauty's Makeup Therapy Palette open covering the lower section of her face up to her eyes

    This code leads to a YouTube video with an audio description and visual of the entire palette. So individuals with visual impairments can fully appreciate the range of colours and textures that the Makeup Therapy Palette provides. The video includes: swatches, detailed descriptions of shades and different lighting settings. All described by the founder of the brand Millie Clare.

    We know it can be hard to apply makeup if you are unsure of what shades you are using. Some people have eye conditions that alter the way they see colour, such as colourblindness. This is why we have included a verbal visual for people to understand the colours of the palette.

    The description brings the eyeshadow palette to life in a way that caters to your specific needs. So you can use it to its fullest potential without relying solely on sight. As we want our accessible makeup to be usable for all of our customers, we do not exclude people with disabilities. Our makeup palette is suitable for everyone.


    We know we can one day represent everyone in the beauty industry. Our accessible palette is the starting point for us to work toward achieving that goal. We will continue to call for there to be space in the industry for accessible beauty. As this space should represent more people with disabilities as well as other communities.


    We value your opinions on our adaptive makeup products as it is your voice that matters most.

    Here are just a few to date:

    “I've used the metallic colours several times as eyeshadow and they are absolutely brilliant. It just stays in place so well and is so intense! It's so lovely to find eyeshadow that doesn't irritate at all - I am an extremely satisfied customer.” ~ Karen D.

    “The Makeup Therapy Palette is truly stunning and versatile. You have gorgeous neutrals and vibrant colours both in matte and shimmer finish for that perfect eye look” ~ @ladsmeetmakeup

    For more stunning looks with our eyeshadow palette please visit us on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

    Here are a few of our favourites:

    Images of three people wearing makeup with the text ‘Human Beauty - Perfect is boring human is beauty underneath’. The first person has pink hair, a silver septum piercing, pink fading into purple hair and a pink headband. They are wearing a pink airbrushed makeup look with one clear star on either cheek. The next person has blue hair and is in a blue top, they are wearing long blue winged eyeliner with blue eyebrows. The last person has albinism and has black winged eyeliner across their eyes.

    After purchasing, we'd love to see a makeup look from you. Plus, if you have any feedback on our accessible makeup products, we'd be happy to hear it.

    Tells us how well our makeup palette has worked in your routine. Is it user friendly? Does it meet your needs? Let us know by contacting us through our social media channels.