Two women, one blending the 'Dare to Blush' stick with her fingers and the other wearing the 'You Got This!' lip oil, the background is filled with images of each product

Accessible Beauty Redefined: Introducing Dare to Blush & You've Got This! Lip Oil

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of brand-new products! We are officially launching lips and face at Human Beauty in a collection of 10 blush sticks and 5 lip oils. With 15 new products, we know there will be something for you!

Dare to Blush heart-shaped blush stick

This season we’re all about deep hydration and dewy skin! Our Dare To Blush sticks are creamy but non-greasy, for a super smooth application and a long-lasting flush!

Available in 8 different blush shades and 2 highlighter shades, the Dare To Blush blush sticks are cute, compact, and easy for you to throw in your makeup bag! But don’t be fooled, their heart-shaped tube doesn’t just make them the cutest blush around, it also makes them easy to open and hold, anti-roll, and easy to apply!

Just like the Liquid Confidence Masacara, their packaging is designed to be easy to hold and still on flat surfaces: the heart shape acts as an extra edge, making it more accessible to those of us who have limited hand mobility.

(lower arm left to right)  Brilliant Bronze, Courageous Crimson, Resilient Rosé, Restful Rose, Bold Berry, Protagonist Pink, Positive Peony, Confident Coral, Ethereal, Celestial

Thanks to Candelilla wax (a vegan and non-comedogenic alternative to beeswax), our Dare To Blush formula is hydrating and creamy, leaving the skin looking smooth and flushed. The perfect lightweight blush formula for sensitive skin! 

The Dare To Blush is also formulated with natural oils such as Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Jojoba oil for a moisturizing, and non-greasy application to the skin. Shea Butter helps the product feel smooth on the skin, leaving you with a glowy satin finish.

Visual of the entire blush collection with the text "New in: Dare To Blush heart-shaped blush stick - add a flush of colour to your cheeks and lips!"

Can’t make up your mind? We’ve got you! 

We have come up with 3 gorgeous bundles for all your blush needs:


The Powerful In Pink bundle: with blush shades Protagonist Pink and Positive Peony, and highlighter shades Celestial and Ethereal -> for our blondes, fair-skinned girlies, and pink lovers!

The Opulent Berry blush trio: with blush shades Courageous Crimson, Bold Berry, and Resilient Rosé -> for our brunettes and dark-skinned girlies!

The Signature Neutrals blush trio: with blush shades Confident Coral, Brilliant Bronze and Restful Rose -> for our clean girl - no-makeup makeup fanatics!

With our easy-to-apply Dare To Blush blush sticks, you can have a smooth application, and have some fun! Stamp on your face for a cute heart print, dab the product directly on your skin and blend with a brush, or warm the product with your fingers for an easy no-makeup application!

If you’re looking for more blush look inspiration, don’t forget to check out our best blush trends in 2023 blog article. Have fun and dare to blush!

Because one news never comes alone, let’s talk lips! Who has never dreamed of a non-sticking hydrating lip gloss.. We know we did!

Introducing our new You’ve Got This! Lip oils! With their non-sticky but super shiny formula, you don’t need to worry about getting hair on your lips, or not looking fabulous enough.. Open, apply, and you’ve got this!

Available in 5 lightly scented fruity options, the You’ve Got This! Lip oils will give you plumped, hydrated lips all winter! Its sturdy square tube makes it easy to open and hold, and anti-roll!

With it’s large doe foot applicator, say bye-bye to struggling getting your shine on - here it’s one-swipe only or nothing!

(left to right) Confident Cherry, Worthy Watermelon, Calm Coconut, Mindful Mango & Seductive Strawberry

The You’ve Got This! Lip oils are formulated with hyaluronic acid for a deep hydration and a light plumping effect, and the Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter Oil and Vitamin E provide a hydrating, lightweight texture that does not feel greasy or sticky at all. Finally, the Shea Butter ensures the lip oils feel feathery and light on your lips. 

We hope you enjoy this launch as much as we did creating it! We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces rocking a gloss lip and a pink cheek ;)

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