Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks with The Makeup Therapy Palette

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks with The Makeup Therapy Palette

Finding the perfect Halloween look last minute can be so hectic. You’ve left it until the night before, now you’re running around your room trying to find an outfit to throw on for this spooky season.

You’ve texted the group chat for help but everyone’s in the same boat, and you can’t turn up as a sexy nurse three years in a row! So now you’re surfing on Pinterest to find something quick and easy in time for Halloween.

We’ve all been there! But no worries though, we’ve picked a few spooky makeup looks that you can easily apply in time for that Halloween party. Crisis averted everyone! We’re here to be your fairy godmother in your hour of need :)

Wicked Witch of the West

Light blue square with a picture of a witch with her accessories next to her, a back dress, witches hat and black gloves. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Beauty, Individuality & Challenge.

Let’s start off with a cult classic to kick off our Halloween makeup list. A Smokey black eye to match the smoke coming from your witches cauldron. You can’t go wrong with an all black outfit. A cute black dress, pointy hat and black accessories, these are wardrobe stables so you should be able to throw these together for a last minute look. Plus everyone looks great in black! 


@beltzabeauty Day 3 of 5 Days of Beltzaween! This Witch look was so fun! I achieved it using The Black Girl Magic Palette in shades Spellbinding, Majestic, Voodoo, Illusion, and Enchanted 🔮🤎 #halloweenmakeup #witchtok #halloween #witchmakeup ♬ original sound - lexie! 🤍


Pro Tip: To add some more dimensions to your look, why not add pops of colour through your makeup! A witchy purple, pop of blue and deep brown. We recommend the colours Beauty, Individuality and Challenge from the Makeup Therapy Palette for this look.

A Siren’s Song

Light blue square with a picture of a girl wearing a green net top with shells in her hair with her accessories next to her, a green netted skirt, white net top and shell accessories. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Identity, Empower & Inspire.

Spice up your Halloween with a colourful siren look. Mermaids have always been a favourite of our founder Millie so we have been happy to see Siren makeup looks trending on our FYP this halloween. 

The beautiful blues, pinks and purples are sure to look great on any skin complexion! We’ve picked the shades Identity, Empower and Inspire to create that flawless siren look you’re looking for.

Here’s Millie’s super easy Siren tutorial for some extra inspo for you:



Pro Tip: To get the cool diamond shapes around your face, use a £1 masquerade mask from Poundland, tie round your face and tap your shadows over the top! A newer and easier version of the old fishnet trick we’ve been using for years!

Sent From Heaven: Angel Makeup Inspo

Light pink square with a picture of a male angel with his accessories next to him, a white tank top, and white angel wings with halo. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Inspire, & Therapy.

Is your vibe giving, elegance and grace? Maybe you’re here to serve classic no makeup - makeup looks this Halloween. If so, being an angel will definitely be a win for you!

Let out your inner goddess with this timeless Halloween costume. This costume is so easy to put together, just search for your brightest clothes and a pair of angel wings. Then you're set to bring a positive and uplifting energy to any Halloween celebration with your angelic presence.


@humanbeautyldn Quick & easy Angel makeup for your last minute halloween plans 🙌🏻 #AngelMakeup #AngelMakeupLook #LastMinuteHalloweenMakeup #ShimmerMakeup ♬ original sound - Human Beauty™


A little tip: Less is definitely more with this costume. This is the epitome of the "clean girl" aesthetic. Dewey skin with a white eyeshadow and lots of shimmer is the way forward for the perfect Angel makeup look.

We’ve picked out the shades Inspire, Artistry and Therapy for this look, as they are sure to add a graceful flare to this makeup look.


Light yellow square with a picture of our founder dressed as a clown with bright red hair with her accessories next to her, a checked dress, clown hat and frilled gloves. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Challenge & Confidence.

If you're looking for a fun and colourful costume idea for Halloween, why not consider being a clown? It’s another classic we adore and incredibly easy to achieve with just some simple makeup. Plus there’s so many to choose from! You could be IT, Harley Quinn, the Joker… or maybe one of your own creation. 

Here’s a quick tutorial from our founder Millie:


@humanbeautyldn Beginner friendly Clown Makeup 🤡 #ClownCore #BeginnerMakeup #EasyHalloweenMakeup #HalloweenMakeupTutorial #ClownMakeupTutorial #ClownMakeupLook ♬ original sound - EX7STENCE™


You don't have to be a professional artist to create a fun and colourful clown makeup look, it's an opportunity to get creative! The core to clown makeup are shapes such as triangles and circles which is very easy to achieve with little makeup experience.


Light blue square with a picture of a lady dressed in pink with a blonde afro and barbie bag, a pink top, skirt and blaze. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Proud, Confidence & Community.

With the recent release of the new Barbie movie, Halloween 2023 is the perfect time to channel your inner Barbiegirl! Plus there’s so many to choose from. There’s Rollerblading Barbie, Cowgirl Barbie, Weird Barbie and of course we can't forget the classics like Barbie Mariposa!

Weird Barbie makeup tutorial: 

@humanbeautyldn I was the gilr who had a "Weird Barbie"! Who was your favorite in the @Barbie Movie ?! #weirdbarbiecore #weirdbarbie #barbiemakeuplooks #creativeeyeliner ♬ original sound - Young Money


Barbie Mariposa makeup tutorial:


@humanbeautyldn Who remembers this film?! 🥹🧚‍♀️👑 #BarbieMariposaAndTheFairyPrincess #nostalgia #BarbieMakeup #fairymakeup ♬ original sound - Human Beauty™


So if pink is tickling your fancy, this Halloween, why not go as Barbie? Add a sprinkle of girl power to the Halloween party.

Makeup Tips: Make sure to add Barbie pink blush to your cheeks - it’s what Barbie would have wanted :). A light two toned pink on the eyes and a touch of glitter is all that is needed for this look. So we recommend the shades Proud, Confidence and Community to set off your Barbie fantasy!

Sunset Fairy

Light yellow square with a picture of a fairy with her accessories next to her, a long orange silk dress and fairy wings. Alongside circle pictures of our shades Creativity, Armour & Courage.

If you’re still undecided on what you’re going to be this Halloween, have you considered unleashing your inner fairy?  Not only are they the cutest magical creatures, but their makeup is also incredibly cute and simple to do. 

With a few swipes of glitter, a colourful eyeshadow look, and fairy wings, you can transform into a whimsical fairy in no time. Plus, who doesn't want to spread some fairy dust and bring a little magic to the Halloween festivities? Let’s bring back the childlike joy of Halloween and celebrate with a cute Halloween makeup look. 


@humanbeautyldn Recreating pinterest makeup using the Makeup Therapy palette 🌞 #PinterestMakeup #UKBeautyBrand #EyeShadow ♬ BEST INTEREST - Tyler, The Creator


We’ve picked out this gorgeous set of colours from the Makeup Therapy Palette, Creativity, Armour and Courage to give you the perfect Sunset Fairy look. But the possibilities are endless with this costume, all you need is a pair of wings and an imagination. Let your creativity run wild!

We hope these 6 makeup ideas inspired by the Makeup Therapy Palette will have you prepped and ready for a fun night out.

If you decide to use any of the looks we've mentioned, tag us @humanbeautyldn on Instagram and TikTok– we’d love to see your costumes for Halloween 2023! 

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