Headshots of three women on a yellow background, one in a smokey pink eyeshadow look, the next in a diffused green eyeshadow look, the last one has multicoloured flowers all over their face

Dopamine Makeup: Why We Love It

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dopamine Makeup – a place where maximalist makeup meets statement style! This makeup trend mixes bold, bright colours and shimmery finishes, and we are here for it!"

We don't think that makeup should come with restrictions or rules, and Dopamine Glam is all about embracing that and enjoying the journey you take with makeup! It’s all about wearing whatever makes you happiest. And that's what makeup is all about after all!

Tag along with us as we take you through the origins of Dopamine makeup, giving you a few cheeky looks that you can try out for yourself.

The Rise of Dopamine Makeup

Clean girl makeup has been all the rage this year, with neutral glowy looks everywhere. Dopamine glam is the total opposite, we’re wearing fun colours, mixing aesthetics - just anything that makes you feel that sweet dopamine rush.

Sir John - Beyonce’s makeup artist, came up with this trend to shake off our winter blues and really embrace positive energy through makeup. With most of us slowly healing from the effects of the pandemic a few years ago, we need this makeup trend to shake up our lives and add a splash of colour.

This includes vivid colours, shapes and glitters to your routine, so you can get that dopamine high. Trying styles and combinations that you haven’t before and just enjoying the euphoria that makeup brings.


It’s amazing what a pop of colour can do to your makeup look. Bright colours and shimmery inner corners can breathe new life into your makeup routine. These makeup looks definitely put us in a ‘feel good mood’! 

You can’t go wrong with a bit of glitter and a positive attitude!



The lovely Jaqueline is serving us dopamine glam realness with this blue and pink eyeshadow look! She is wearing Confidence and Individuality from the Makeup Therapy Palette as a light base. Then to top off the centre of her lid, she’s wearing Empower and Identity, and a dash of Inspire in her inner corner gives her the shimmer she deserves. Jaqueline looks absolutely radiant in this colourful look!

Dopamine Makeup was made for the Makeup Therapy Palette! With 12 colourful matte shades and 4 metallic shades, the palette gives you endless options to satisfy all your dopamine glam fantasies.

Dopamine Dressing

Along with this cute makeup trend, we have a new aesthetic - dopamine dressing. Similar to the makeup trend, it’s a style that is reminiscent of Harajuku fashion. With lots of bright colours and fluffy materials, this trend truly encourages us to tap back into our childhood.



There isn’t a tutorial for this kind of look. Dopamine dressing is simple: wear clothes and accessories that make you feel genuinely happy, just like a rush of dopamine does. Whether it's a pair of colourful socks or a quirky bag, this trend is a fun way to add a little extra joy into your everyday style.

But if you’re unsure where to start, maybe dress up as your favourite colourful character.



Rollerblade Barbie embodies the ultimate dopamine fit, as she wears bright neon pinks and greens with no care in the world. Her style definitely gives us ‘90s home fitness videos’ vibes and we’re here for it!

Why We Love It! 

Imagine a makeup look that envelops all your positive energy and makes you feel like anything is possible—this is what dopamine glam can do for you. We just live for the positive message that it stands for! 



Everyone should be able to wear makeup in a way that makes them happy. Things like wearing your favourite colour can set your day off right, it’s that little ‘pick me up’ that we all need sometimes. 

Dopamine Glam is all about embracing what makes you happy and adding those elements to your makeup routine. So if you love pink, then try creating a glowy pink look. If you love stars, maybe use a stencil to add star freckles to your cheeks. The possibilities are literally endless!

Here’s Millie creating a mushroom look with her favourite colour:


@humanbeautyldn Matching my makeup to my mushroom earrings ✨ -inspired by @linsmakeuplooks #makeuptutorial #mushroommakeup #weirdearings #linsmakeuplooks ♬ original sound - Human Beauty LDN

What a fun way for you to create makeup looks that you might not normally try. Why not base your next eyeshadow look on your favourite statement necklace or that quirky bag that you own? If it makes you happy, it’s sure to make an interesting makeup look.

And that’s the best part! - it’s whatever you're in the mood for. So you can make the look truly unique and personal to you. Let your individuality shine through this makeup trend!


As we can see, dopamine glam offers us a fun and empowering way to boost our confidence with makeup. Applying bright colours that make us happy is such a simple way to give us that extra dopamine rush. So why not try it? We all deserve to feel beautiful and powerful.

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