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Cosmopolitan Exposes the Disability Gap in the Beauty Industry

We've been featured in Cosmopolitain! 

 “The disability gap: is the beauty industry missing the basics of inclusivity?” by Charlotte Bitmead for Cosmopolitan UK. 

The article gives us a deeper look into the beauty industry’s current efforts to create a more diverse environment with accessible products. It also touches on Millie’s experience as a disabled makeup entrepreneur who worked for the beauty industry for most of her life.


Millie’s journey with Human Beauty proves that a bit of extra consideration and a few small changes to beauty products can transform an average product into an accessible product that everyone can use and enjoy.

Human beauty works towards creating a truly inclusive beauty space. Yet accessible products are only the first stepping stone for the future of the brand. Our ethos is to inspire others to create more safe spaces for disabled makeup creators, allowing them to tell their stories.

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Let us know if you've read our article in Cosmopolitain, we're excited to hear your feedback!