Best Autumn Makeup Trends For 2023

Best Autumn Makeup Trends For 2023

Autumn is finally here!

Summer is over, leaves are turning brown and everything is tasting like pumpkin spice. Time for us to ditch our summer sandals and start reaching for our knitted scarves and fluffy blankets! Now that cozy season is here, let's talk about the best autumn makeup trends for 2023.

From looks we've created with our Makeup Therapy Palette to our favorite's influencers' creations, there is a lot to cover this autumn... "Get in loser we're doing fall stuff!"

You guessed it, autumn marks the yearly return of burnt oranges, warms browns and gold shimmery shades. From the colour of the leaves, to the pumpkins everywhere and the long sunsets, warm shades are everywhere this season - including our faces! 

No better time to experiment with makeup than the start of autumn! Whether you're a smokey lover or a graphic liner kind of person, there is something for you in autumn makeup trends.

Pick your colour palette

Once you have an idea of the styles you want to create, it's time to choose your colour palette. While warm and inviting colours are often associated with autumn, the decision is ultimately yours. Pick colours that suit your skin tone, your eye colour or your general style! 

Our Makeup Therapy Palette has 16 unique shades for you to choose from, so let your creativity run wild! For autumn we recommend our shades Human, Beauty and Armour to get you started. 

Two arms, one black and one white, each with swatches of the Makeup Therapy palette

Human is a matte dark reddish brown shadow, Beauty is a cool-toned matte chocolate brown, and Armour is a burnt orange with subtle glitter flecks - basically the holy trinity of Autumn shades! 

Watch the video below to see our founder Millie create a bold autumn look using these three shades:

All our shades are creamy, buildable and gentle on the skin. Read more about our Makeup Therapy palette here and get to know all our other shades.


Our all-time favorite looks

There is so much you can do for autumn that is a bit more interesting and avant-garde than just a warm toned brown/orange lid. Here is a couple of our all-time favorites:

Gold glittery lids

A close up image of a face of a woman that is wearing gold eyeshadow on her lids with a star just below her eyebrow bone

This is staple look for us at Human Beauty. A gold lid is effortless but elevated, it's bold and fun and when you have the perfect gold shade for it - Expression for the Makeup Therapy palette- such an easy look to achieve. 

Gina here is wearing her gold lid in a chunky wing and a little star cut out below her brow bone for an extra edge. 

Dramatic liners

A person with blue hair and eyebrows posing directly into the camera that has bold blue winger eyeliner

Autumn doesn't have to be only about warm shades, so don't be afraid to bring out the blues and other cool tones early this year! We love this extra bold look that definitely gets people's heads turning. 

Caleb is wearing shades Empower and Identity from the Makeup Therapy palette in this iconic massive wing and we are obsessed with the drama! Don't be afraid to get creative this autumn and dabble with darker or even metallic shades.


The new trends you need to try

Latte Makeup

If you have followed with makeup trends this summer, you couldn't miss the Latte Makeup trend - a super blended brown lid with neutral tones that makes you look glowy and tan.

This is a great look to transition from your summer look to your autumn makeup look. Pick neutral shades with a  caramel, yellow, and olive undertone like Creativity or Beauty from the Makeup Therapy palette to achieve this gorgeous look.

Nikki here is rocking her neutral lid into the beginning of autumn in the most perfect way!

Grunge meets Glamour

With the days soon getting shorter, grunge is making its comeback, and this time, it is glamorous. Urban 90s fashion is hitting the runways again, and it's showing on the looks we're seeing this season!


Sandra created this amazing graphic look using a matte black shade and a neutral cool-toned lid. Keep an eye on grunge makeup this season because it is back and if you want to try it for yourself, shade Challenge from the Makeup Therapy will be your best bet!

Glowy orange lid

Autumn isn’t always about dramatic daring looks. For those that prefer a more subtle look, this one might be for you! 

What a better way to rock a freshly done copper hair than a glowy orange lid?


Any of these looks caught your attention? Try them out and share the results with us on TikTok or Instagram, we’d love to see your autumn eyeshadow looks using the Makeup Therapy palette!