super easy pride makeup ideas with Human Beauty

3 Eye-Catching And Super Easy Pride Makeup Looks

Makeup shouldn't have to be hard! Every June, when pride month comes around, we're faced with the same problem: all the pride makeup look so hard to achieve!

Everyone seems to be so skilled and talented at painting very detailed rainbows on their faces, and if you don't have great grip, or a lot of skills, it can be such a challenge!

We don't think makeup should be just for people with amazing artistry skills and great grip, so if you love makeup and feel creative, follow along our 3 super easy makeup ideas for pride month! 


With some inspiration, our little tips and accessible makeup, you too can achieve the sparkly and colourful makeup of your dreams!


Rainbow Dotted Eyeliner

a rainbow dotted liner look with coloured dots placed as a liner at the top of the lid, the colours are purple, blue, green, yellow and pink

Step 1: Grab your Makeup Therapy Palette or your go-to colourful eyeshadow palette, a couple q-tips and something to wet them.

Step 2: Choose where you want your liner to be, I picked the top of my lids.

Step 3: Wet your q-tip and dip it in the shadow of your choice, I picked the colours purple, blue, green, yellow and pink to recreate the classic pride flag.

Step: 4: Start dotting! Use one side of a q-tip per colour to make things easier.

Step 5: Repeat for all colours of your rainbow and layer your dots for intensity.


Pride Flag Lower Lash Line

a lower lashline pride look that represents the pride rainbow, the colours are purple, blue, green, yellow and pink

Step 1: Grab your Makeup Therapy Palette or your go-to colourful eyeshadow palette, and an angled brush (or whatever you feel comfortable holding to apply shadow).

Step 2: Choose your colours! We used the classic pride colours but the good thing about this look is that you can adapt it to fit whichever flag you like.

Step 3: Start applying your shadow below your lower lashes, leaving enough space for all the shades you've chosen.

Step: 4: Keep applying your colours until you have finished your flag.

Step 5: No need to blend, you're done! 


Shimmery Pride Blush


a shimmery rainbow blush look, the colours are purple, blue, green, yellow and pink and the results is sparkly

Step 1: Grab your Makeup Therapy Palette and your Match Your Mood palette, or your go-to shimmer palette , and a blush brush.

Step 2: Choose your colours! We chose the classic pride colours and used a matte and a shimmer for each shade.

Step 3: Start applying your matte shadows as a blush, starting right next to your eye and finishing on your cheek where you would apply your contour or bronzer.

Step: 4: Once your matte colours are laid down, go over each of them with your match shimmer shades and let the magic happen!


Putting colours on your face is a lot of fun and can be very therapeutic! Don't let things like blending and straight lines keep you from expressing your creativity, this pride month or any month of the year.