10 mothers day gift ideas

10 Accessible Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate and honor the incredible mothers - or mother figures! - in our lives ❤️

As we approach this special day, it's essential to remember that the 'perfect' gift doesn't exist, but we can sure come close!

Looking for my own mother's present this year, I just couldn't find a lot of inspiration for disabled-friendly presents... so we've curated - just for you - a list of 10 accessible Mother's Day gift ideas that cater to all mothers, regardless of ability or circumstance.


1. Self-Care Kit 


Our Peach Please! lip kit is the perfect easy-to-use self-care kit at home! With gentle ingredients and an even gentler price, what else says 'Love you mom' better than a little self care? 


2. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets



Perfect gift idea for all of our lovely overstimulated moms! 

Weighted blankets are warm, fluffy, soft, and super heavy - perfect to gift your mom endless sundays on the couch in front of the television.




3. Personalized Photo Albums

Personalized photo album



What do moms like more than reminisce over old memories? Probably not!

Make sure you select a book with accessible features like large print or tactile elements!




4. Ergonomic Garden Gloves

Ergonomic garden gloves


This one is for all our garden fairies moms!

Ergonomic gloves - or other accessible gardening tools. -will make their favorite outdoor activities so much more enjoyable.




5. Accessible Makeup


Who doesn't love a good mascara? That's one thing we can all agree about! Not only had our Liquid Confidence Mascara a great formula, but it has a square and easy grip tube, making it super easy to hold and to use.


6. Streaming Platform Subscription

Netflix subscriptions

Moms are always the most tech savvy! But they sure enjoy a good sunday movie session.

And with all the accessibility features and close captions options, streaming platforms are a great option!


7. Accessible Jewelry

Accessible jewelry
Jewelry is a classic mother's day gift! 
We pick an accessible option with magnetic clasps, hypoallergenic materials or adjustable options for a more adaptive present.

8. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers
What is more convenient and accessible than a speaker you don't have to touch?
This is the perfect option for all our busy crazy schedule moms!

9. Adaptive Clothing

 Adaptive Clothing

 When shopping for you mom, look for clothing designed with features such as magnetic closures, easy-to-fasten buttons, or adjustable straps for ease of dressing!

  • Soft and comfortable fabrics are gentler on the skin, and on your mom!




10. Your unwavering love


Fine, maybe we didn't have an idea for number 10... but we're not wrong! This sunday, don't forget to tell your mom (or mother figure) that you love them!

And let us know on instagram @humanbeautyldn if you gifted your mom any Human Beauty products!